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The many adult clubs in Italy have some of the best immediate and well-paid job opportunities that Glemsy has to offer.

The work consists of talking, dancing and socialising with adult club clients inside the premises only and strictly performed with mutual respect and decorum.

Any kind of sexual relationship between dancers and club clients is categorically excluded in this type of employment.

Glemsy’s requisites for this position are: personable, friendly and with an aptitude for public relations.

The working hours are from approximately 10:00pm to 5:00am six days a week with the opportunity to change clubs once a month and to work in the summer months near seaside locations.

Outside these working hours, dancers are fully free from any commitment.

This work includes accommodation in apartments made exclusively available for the women.

The guaranteed monthly income is approximately €2,000.00 net.

Glemsy pays the flight in advance to assist in establishing the working relationship with the adult club.

Glemsy will then withhold the cost of the flight from the first salary payment.


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Through their consultants, Glemsy offers all the legal assistance necessary for procuring all documents required to work in Italy for aspiring dancers, show girls or models